Psalm 71:14-16 (EHV).

As for me, I will always keep hoping. I will keep adding to my praise for you. 15 My mouth will tell about your righteousness, about your salvation all day long, although I do not know how to tell all about it. 16 I will come and tell about your mighty deeds, Lord God. I will commemorate your righteousness, yours alone.

This section of Psalm 71 in the Evangelical Heritage Version has as its heading “Present and Future Praise.” We praise God always, don’t we? Even during these past few weeks as most of you have worshiped at home watching the livestream, you have praised God. At the same time, we always hope. We hope for a return to the house of the Lord with all our brothers and sisters worshiping together once again.

We have so much to give thanks for. In these few verses of Psalm 71 we are reminded of the primary function of worship—to tell about and commemorate God’s mighty deeds and righteousness. God’s mighty deed is the salvation he gives us in Christ Jesus. It is the Savior’s sacrifice on the cross that gives us the righteousness we need to stand before the throne of God. It is our righteousness in Christ that is the reason we always keep hoping—we have a sure hope of heaven because of the mighty deeds of the Lord.

We will be here, when You are ready to come back to in-person worship. We will continue to follow social distancing guidelines as we worship together.

If you have any questions or you need to speak to Pastor Schamber, please call the church office 616-538-1122  or email Pastor, pastor@holytrinity-wels.net

God bless your worship.
Pastor Schamber

August 9, 2020 Tenth Sunday After Pentecost Html version

August 9, 2020 Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

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